A Thought Covertly Conveyed by Abhinav Bothra eBook DOWNLOAD

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A hybrid of a card trick and the plot spectator as a mind reader dressed in the clothes of hypnosis.

Spectator 1 selects a card and places it back in the deck which is then put into the box.
Spectator 2 is asked to close his/her eyes and is put through a simple process at the end of which he/she names the card.

Honest notes:
The card is a force card (any card amongst the 52 will do) and it is conveyed through some physical factors supported by the script.

In here you’ll find Abhinav Bothra’s script in English, which can easily be adapted to any language and is not bound by any particular word/s. And a video that explains the physical factors.

– Easy to do
– Looks like hypnosis (but isn’t)
– Works 100% of the time
– No tables required
– The card is never said or written down


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